The Tuvalu Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) was established in 1986 with 7 members. The key aim for its establishment was to assist NGOs in accessing information and attracting resources for development into the country. Through consensus among the 7 members, TANGO immediately assumes the role of an “umbrella body” for NGOs/CBOs in Tuvalu and to operate as a not-for-profit organisation.


From 1986 to 1997, TANGO received sporadic financial

assistance, which included funding from the Common-wealth Foundation, the Pacific Concern Resource Centre, New Zealand ODA, AusAID and the Government of Tuvalu. This funding assistance was for disaster preparedness, gardening projects, sexual health training and attendance at overseas meetings related to the projects.

As demand on TANGO’s assistance towards member organisations increases, it was immediately apparent to the same member organisations that an office and a full-time staff should be recruited to manage its affairs. This obvious need was finally achieved in 1998 with funding from the Australian Foundation for Asia and the Pacific. This funding enabled TANGO to employ a Coordinator, rented an office space and purchased a computer.


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“A proactive, efficient, Not-for-Profit national umbrella organization that provides genuine partnership support services to its non govern-mental and community based membership, while fostering an enabling environment for the sustained development and growth of its members in the face of the adverse impacts of climate change in Tuvalu.”        

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“TANGO strives to work together with committed stakeholders to affect positive change for all Tuvaluans. We achieve this by nurturing, facilitating and supporting the development and sustained growth of each of our members, to ensure self-sufficiency and sustainability

that enables our members to do critical work that improves quality of life for all.


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